January 22, 2019

Why are There So Many Types of Marketing Agencies?

  • by Homer Ellen
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The marketing world can seem intimidating to those who have a brand, concept, or idea, but need help with certain aspects in order to bring them to fruition. Let’s say you have a vision for your business website, but your eyes tend to glaze over when you hear abbreviations like PPC, SEO, CPC, or CTR. On the other hand, you could be a tried and true business owner who has a great brand already, but you need help modernizing your business with an updated logo, website, promotions, or social media presence. This is where a marketing agency comes in; but with so many different types of marketing agencies in Phoenix, how do you choose the right one for your brand?

Since there are so many kinds of agencies out there, choosing the right one for you is crucial. There are numerous types of marketing agencies, many specialize in one or a few things. The most common types being branding agencies, design and creative agencies, social media and PR agencies, and digital agencies. There are pros and cons to working with each kind of agency so the service you choose matters.

Branding Agencies

Branding agencies focus on the overall brand identity of your business or concept. These types of agencies tend to focus on things such as brand naming, logo creation, packaging, signage, promotions, and anything else that goes into a brand’s identity. These agencies typically help brands establish themselves and and take the first steps like creating a logo, etc.

Design and Creative Agencies

Design agencies and creative agencies help to give a brand or business a unique look and feel. These agencies often help with website design, business signage, advertisements, and many of the creative aspects that go into a brand. These agencies often offer mostly specialized services rather than end-to-end solutions.

Social Media and PR Agencies

In the modern world, it is becoming more and more important for brands and businesses to have a social media presence in order to manage it’s public relations. Social media can help a brand promote, advertise, communicate, and inspire potential clients. It can also help to connect you to the people who matter most to your brand–your customers. Social media marketing is a fast growing, ever changing segment, and if you don’t have the time to keep up, a social media or PR agency can do the heavy lifting for you by updating and posting content to your channels.

Digital, Interactive, and Online Agencies

These agencies are critical for business owners who need to bring their brand to life in the digital space. Most digital agencies offer website development solutions along with a plethora of other services including online advertising, online media planning, SEO and SEM services, app development, website content, analytics, and more. These agencies help to offer solutions for businesses and help them thrive by connecting with customers online and helping to bring them in the door. A good digital agency will have elements of a branding, design, and social media agency all in one. Digital agencies tend to offer a wider range of services than other, more specialized agencies. By choosing to work with a digital agency that offers multiple services, you are able to avoid the hazard of working with an agency that thinks there is only one way to do things. Finding the right digital agency Phoenix can help your business thrive in more ways than just in the digital space, so the time to take the next step is now

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