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What are the 5 Golden Secrets of a Professional SEO Writer?

  • by Homer Ellen
  • 1 year ago
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You all must be acquainted with the benefits SEO bestows you with. More than the optimization, it helps in the smooth functioning of the website. And this is only possible where the necessary keywords are acutely integrated into the website and/or blogs. Every treasure can be reaped by knowing how to integrate the appropriate keywords at appropriate places.

A professional SEO writer is equipped with all such skills, obviously more than the keyword integration. So you make your content more optimize to make the most out of SEO, here is the list of their secrets:

  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first and foremost step in the process. You might want to find out the keywords necessary so that Google keeps an eye on your effort. Find out which keywords people are mostly querying for and create a spreadsheet for the same. Keep a count on how many times you can integrate the keyword into your content.

  1. Put the keywords in the game

You don’t need to force the keyword down the throat of your article. You need to sound as natural as you can to fuse the keyword subtly into your content and promoting it at the same time. Make sure you include the keyword in the first 300 words, into first H1 or H2. Try using the keyword variation too at times.

  1. Write something people are concerned about

Give your audience something to care about. You don’t want to write gibberish and waste the time. Remember it’s not about Google’s algorithm, it’s about your audience, you are writing for them. While writing make sure the readers get something to learn from your content and integrate it successfully into his life. Or include a unique service you can provide. Or some piece of knowledge which is not available anywhere on the web. Take the advantage of the platform. When in doubt, have a thorough research on the keyword again and write a valuable piece about it. Write in such a way that it compels your reader to share it on social media platforms.

  1. Make your content long enough.

An article of 100 words will do nothing for you. Make sure you elongate your content but do not include gibberish in it. You are only wasting yours and readers’ time. An article ranging from the word count of 400 to the maximum of 1500 would suffice.

  1. Edit your work

Read your article thoroughly for any sort of solecisms. If it is within your budget, hire an editor to proofread the articles for you. You do not want your readers to read grammatically incorrect articles. This doesn’t only hamper the reputation of your company’s website but also brings down the rating of your website. Houston SEO services make sure that your company website doesn’t have to face this jeopardy even once in the company’s lifetime.

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