December 9, 2017
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How to Optimize Your Content for Maximum Searchability

  • by Homer Ellen
  • 2 Years ago
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SEO plays a major role in content marketing. If you optimize your website or blog, you’re making it more visible to people who use certain keywords for finding relevant content. But considering how frequently Google decides to change its search algorithms, staying on top of it can be tricky. The important part of SEO is to know what matters in terms of searchability, so you should understand some of the best practices for getting the most results.

Only Focus on a Couple of Long-Tail Phrases

Instead of adding as many keywords into your content as possible, you should focus on only a couple of long-tail phrases that are not only relevant to the content but can also get you ranking on Google. You might think that adding a bunch of keywords into your content can help you gain more search ranking, but it can actually hurt your chances of getting noticed at all. Rather than focusing on single keywords, long-tail phrases will give you more results because people will type specific phrases. That way you can get more targeted traffic.

Add Images and Optimize Them

You don’t want your post to just have text, so you should add images as well. Images can make your posts more compelling to readers, and optimizing their file names can add an extra layer of searchability. You can also change the “alt” text in the HTML code so Google and “see” images as they relate to certain keywords. It may not seem like a lot, but changing the image name to something that’s more related to what’s being displayed can make a big difference.

Make Your Content Mobile Friendly

More people are using mobile devices for online searches, so it would make sense to have your content optimized for mobile platforms. Not only can a mobile-friendly design be good for the user experience, but it can also be important for SEO ranking. If you haven’t been integrating your content for this kind of technology, then you could be hurting your chances of getting valuable traffic. Instead of having two separate URL’s (one for desktop and one for mobile), having a single URL that works on both platforms can give you an SEO boost.

A Superior SEO Company for Any Business

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