January 22, 2018

How To Improve Your Social Media Following On Facebook In 2018

  • by Homer Ellen
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In 2018, Facebook has announced to introduce many new updates which will change the brand marketing forever. As a brand manager handling social media promotion of your company, you need to take necessary actions well in advance to ensure that the upcoming updates don’t hit you badly. The first and foremost step in this direction is to improve the customer engagement on your brand page. The more customers engage on your brand page organically, the better reach it will get over time. So, shift your focus to user engagement and get desired outcomes. Here is how you can do it-

Make Your Posts Look Good

Sometimes, you may have to insert certain keywords in your post URL due to SEO requirements. While this is a regular practice to get organic traffic from Google, you may face backlash on Facebook as your URL doesn’t appear attractive. If you want to engage more and more people on your brand page, then get rid of these unattractive post URLs first. What you can do is use a custom link shortener  which comes packed with a lot of features.

It’s a great way to give a personalized touch to your blog post URL in a hassle-free manner. You don’t have to do anything manually. Just put any post URL in the given field on the dashboard of you link shortener for Facebook, and it will do everything else on its own. You don’t have to think or do anything. The process doesn’t take more than a few seconds so in a way you can get desired outcomes while on the go.

Regardless of how many different ways and tips are posted on various platforms from time to time, none of them can beat the effectiveness of user engagement. If you wish to survive the upcoming update on the Facebook that’s going to change the paid marketing forever, then take necessary steps right away. The easiest way to do it is by using a link shortener. So, leave aside all the doubts that have been troubling you all this while and give a shot to a good link shortener as soon as possible.

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