February 6, 2018

How and Where to Install an Indoor Antenna

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On acquiring a new TV antenna, you might tend to ask yourself questions like; how do I install it and where exactly can it be placed? The process of installation is quite simple, but where to place it always serves as the major drawback.

Installing a Tv Antenna

As earlier said, finding the right spot to place the TV antenna is the tricky part, but installing a TV antenna is the easy part. The following steps should guild you in installing a digital TV antenna:

  • Antenna connection should be identified

This is the first step in installing your TV antenna. It helps you know if the antenna you have is compatible. Most modern TV models will have an F connector or antenna meant for digital TV connection, unlike other TV models that have aged connectors. If your connector is old, then you can get an indoor TV antenna from primecables.ca or visit a local TV store to get an adapter. The F connector is needed by most indoor antennas.

  • Connect antenna

Use coaxial or F cable (which can either be a screw in or a push in model) to connect the antenna to your television. The screw in model has a better fit resulting in a stronger signal, but both models are still okay.

  • Setting up the TV

The TV’s set-up menu should be used in setting up the TV. The user’s manual should be contacted if your setup menu doesn’t have this option. Next, choose between ‘antenna’ or ‘air’ as the input option. The next step is to allow your TV automatically scan for channels, and this can also be done manually.

  • Adjusting the antenna

After a successful channels scan, you can check the signal strength by flipping through the channels available. Adjust the antenna’s position to help improve the quality and number of channels. Rescan for channels each time the antenna has a new position.

Tips to Finding the Best Position for the Your HDTV Antenna

Here are some important things to consider while choosing a place for your antenna

  • Direction

Most antennas are unidirectional hence they should be directed to the signal source. Once you know the location of the signal sources in your area, you can know the perfect place to mount the antenna. Note that, the antenna shouldn’t be mounted just yet, finding the best location that gives you strongest signal before installation is the key to success.

  • Height

Higher antennas can pick up stronger signals, which makes the height of the antenna very important. In the course of trying a good indoor TV antenna, the room window in an upstairs should be the best place. The higher the antenna, the better the reception. This implies that the basement is not the best place for your antenna as this may interfere with your cable internet signal. Place the antenna at the highest possible point indoors if you want the best signal possible.

  • Obstructions

The signal strength l is easily accessible to obstructions because you are not relying on cable wires. The more the obstructions, the weaker the signal strength. In the normal world, only the sky should be between the antenna and the signal source. But walls, trees, and other things in between will hinder your signal. Get a spot with lesser obstructions to have a good signal. You might want to exchange the antenna (indoor) for an outdoor type, so it can be placed on the roof if your antenna is mounted on a window directly opposite a building.

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