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Everything You Need to Know to Effectively Sell ECommerce SEO to Prospects

  • by Homer Ellen
  • 1 year ago
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Small and medium enterprises have harnessed the power of ecommerce sites to improve their visibility and create sales across countries with high demand for their niche-oriented products. However, most of these business owners concern themselves mostly with social media advertising.

Indeed, using social media retargeting banners and display advertisement networks gives them an edge against the competition. However, ecommerce SEO and general practices still provide huge impact on conversions and actual sales.

The main difficulties of selling SEO services for small and medium businesses (SMBs) are cost and competition. However, here are a few pointers on how you can stand out against the competition and sell your SEO to SMBs.

Know What Their Competitors Are Doing

If you knew the prospects’ niche competition level, then you can figure out the opening arguments to help you sell your ecommerce SEO to them.

Before contacting your prospects, understand their industry by heart. Analyze the following:

  • The level of both offline and online competition
  • The standing of the prospect’s digital presence
  • A general overview of their website’s optimization
  • How your services give them an edge against the competition

Showing that you are genuinely concerned about their businesses helps your prospects consider your services. In fact, some of these companies might have encountered unscrupulous SEO agencies that made promises they never kept, so appease their concerns carefully and show you mean business.

Standing Out Against The Competition

However, prospects can still reject your offer despite your genuine interest in providing excellent marketing solutions. You will need to give your prospect a guarantee that you’re not just like the other SEO companies who can achieve good results.

Ask yourself what separates your SEO services from the others. You can focus on the following:

  • Affordability
  • Service efficiency
  • Guaranteed results
  • Low maintenance rates post-project (where needed)

Previous client testimonials are excellent distinguishing information. If someone writes something positive about their experience with you, it will help your prospects make a decision quickly. You will need prior projects to achieve this, but pro-bono work or test campaigns are viable supplements to your portfolio too.

Present a Realistic Relationship of Effort and Timeline

Businesses are considerate with companies that provide guarantees in terms of results and productivity. Proper time and resource allocation is evidence of excellent business experience. This is the reason successful SEO agencies provide their prospects free consultation.

By gathering the SMB’s data, you can use your analytic skills to point out areas of opportunity to raise their online presence’s performance and create conversions. If you present your methods with a timeline to achieve certain results, business owners will likely consider your proposal heavily and decide on using your services later on.

Explain The Jargons

Keep in mind that many prospects who are new to the idea of SEO may have concentrated on other areas of their business such as procuring new suppliers, budgeting, accounting, and other details. It will help to give them an idea of SEO’s capabilities, myths, and jargons.

Remember, telling your prospects they “know nothing” or “understand nothing” of what you’re about to undertake is the surest way to lose them. People subscribe to blogs because their content adds value. If you add value and knowledge to your prospects without any cost, they will give you the gratitude of using you for their business.

Prepare Your Case Studies

As mentioned earlier, your portfolio, client testimonials, and other achievements will help you become distinguished in the SEO industry. The most powerful item in your arsenal is your case studies.

You do not need clients to perform case studies. If you have a new SEO method that you’ve tried and tested with consistent results, then the data you collected from the entire procedure you can consider to use as a case study.

Naturally, as you have more client or non-client based studies, the more your data shows your business’ capability, boosting the ecommerce site owner’s confidence in using your business to find success.

Never Rush Things

The best way to scare away prospects is to appear desperate. If you’re rushing to make a sale and continuously pester them with emails, private messages, or even calls, they will remember the annoyance your every correspondence brings instead of your promising solutions.

It is natural to push for a sale, but business owners need time to assess the data you collected, your methods, and timeline before they can decide to use your services.

Here is a great list to begin your pitch cycle:

  • Present your solutions and timeline
  • Provide a case study where you encountered an issue similar to the business (where available. You can create your own test and show the efficacy with fresh data).
  • Ask them to consider your service once.
  • Follow up after two weeks
  • Let them go if they lack a response

Instead of concentrating your efforts on a company lacking a decision by the timeline you agreed, you can concentrate your efforts on clients likely to use your services. At this point, you had given them every reason to use your services and they need to decide on their own.


A good SEO service provider is one with genuine concern for their prospects and can present solutions with a proven track record. Indeed, it will take some time to build your portfolio and finally establish your business by following this short guide. With diligence and the right amount of pitch, you’ll definitely get every prospect for your services.

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