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5 Myths on Search Engine Optimization Services

  • by Homer Ellen
  • 2 Years ago
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There are several myths which are often heard about the most accredited web marketing solutions- search engine optimization services. Crossing the borders, professionals and marketers rely greatly on SEO to improve the traffic flow and for better branding solutions.

Choose a digital marketing agency from where the professionals can help you in creating the brand of your newly formed online business. Also, they can support the flow of organic traffic by increasing the number of hits on your website.

Here, we are about to mention some of the myths of SEO services

  1. SEO is a “onetime activity”: Have you ever heard of something like “I have SEO-ed my site?” This is a complete myth because optimizing a site is a continuous process. This is a misconception that can mislead many prospective businessmen. May be this information is known to IT workers, but there are different other entrepreneurs who are not accustomed of this fact that the fact that sites need SEO maintenance to retain the rank. 

  1. Automated Search Engine Optimization services are black hat: Sites can never be spammed with automated SEO. Black Hat optimization is the unethical process to promote sites. Often companies take this process to achieve ranks quicker than organic SEO. But it doesn’t mean that all automated sites are such because of black hat. This is a complete misconception. 
  1. A Site Map is not for Users: Good sites with HTML design have a well informed sitemap. Webmasters create pages, copies, and links for a search engine purpose. There is often a misconception that these sitemaps are not visited by humans. People are supposed to stay away from such false understanding.


  1. Meta tags help to boost rankings: This is a myth too. According to some professionals optimizing the meta keyword is a complete waste of time. This was a rule that was followed by old school SEO professionals. They also think that even meta description, meat tags, meta robots do not have that weight to rank. 
  1. SEO is a dead practice: No it is not. Till date, SEO is highly practice that helps in evolving the traffic by effective keyword research, analysis, content creation and link building. All these are done chronologically and strategically to boost the lead generation of the websites.

So, let the advanced online marketing services do their job and people shouldn’t give an ear to any myth regarding SEO until and unless it’s official.

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